Information Center for the AS-SET AS197532:AS-SELFHOSTABLE.


Welcome to AS-SET AS197532:AS-SELFHOSTABLE website. With over 5 years of experience in system administration and self-hosting, we take pride in maintaining a robust BGP infrastructure. Our network and services have consistently demonstrated a high degree of uptime and reliability.

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Peering Policy

We welcome new peers to expand our Network. For more information, please refer to our dedicated article on peering here.


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For any concerns regarding Abuse, Connectivity Issues, or other network-related matters, please reach out to our Network Operations Center (NOC) at

Current Held ASN's

ASN Usage
AS197532 Personal

Current Held Prefixes

Prefix Usage Assigned ASN Rented/Permanent/Owned
2a05:dfc1:7200::/40 Active AS197532 Permanent

Places of Network Presence

Hostname Routed Prefix Provider IXP Presence 2a05:dfc1:7200::/48 iFog FogIXP 2a05:dfc1:7201::/48 Homelab N/A 2a05:dfc1:72a0::/44 Accuris Technologies AccurIX